Safety & Sustainability

Our track record on safety speaks for itself, reflected in our SQF Food Safety Certification from the Safe Food Quality Institute. We are equally committed to best practices in sustainability from the seed to the kernels and throughout the entire supply chain process including packaging.

Our popcorn is grown by the most progressive farmers who are dedicated to farm management best practices. Our commitment to farm management standards ensures the soil where our popcorn is grown is nurtured and nourished. Periodic soil testing for nutrient management and field mapping verifies the fertilizers are applied at proper rates. Our farmers use natural fertilizers from chicken and perform minimal soil tillage to diminish soil erosion and compaction.

We also recommend our farmers commit to crop rotation, as this helps build organic matter and replace nutrients as well as reduces soil compaction and lessens wind erosion. By rotating cover crops and soybeans, it also helps with pest management and breaks weed cycles.

Safety and environmental sustainability are top priorities at Weaver Popcorn Bulk.