Quality & Innovation

The quality of our kernels is unmatched because we are able to control the genetic purity of our product and deliver rich quality. This is due to our partnership with Weaver Popcorn Hybrids which has its own in-house hybrid research and breeding program, where seeds are developed on Weaver-controlled farms. This partnership allows us to purchase specific varieties of popcorn kernels to meet the varying and ever-changing needs of our customers.

We maintain our stringent quality standards in every aspect of the process. This includes regular field inspections, which allows for predictive quality, composite sampling on all inbound loads to determine kernel quality level and storage bin assignments. Once assigned a bin, composite samples on all bins are taken for mycotoxin and GMO testing. From the seed and soil to harvesting, cleaning and processing, quality and innovation is at the heart of the business here at Weaver Popcorn Bulk.