Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers. If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to contact us.


What are Weaver Popcorn Bulk's overall capabilities?

Weaver Popcorn Bulk is the largest bulk popcorn producer in the world, selling under its Pop Weaver brand while also co-packing distinct varieties of kernels to serve businesses in more than 90 different countries.

How can I be assured that Weaver Popcorn Bulk will produce products of the highest quality and safe for consumption?

As part of our commitment to creating the best popcorn, Weaver Popcorn Bulk has consistently achieved SQF Food Safety certification.

What steps does Weaver Popcorn Bulk take to ensure the highest quality popcorn is being received from its growers?

Combine harvesting keeps us efficient and helps us maintain our stringent quality standards. Field inspections allow for predictive quality and approval to begin harvest. Sampling on all inbound loads helps us to determine quality levels. Additionally, assignment of individual loads to storage bins for lot creation and samples on all bins for mycotoxin and GMO testing ensures the highest standards are achieved.

How do I find a distributor for your bulk popcorn and portion packs?

Who should I contact to place an international order?


Is Weaver Popcorn Bulk Popcorn gluten-free and GMO-free?

Yes, all the Weaver Popcorn Bulk popcorn is gluten-free and GMO-free. We control the genetic purity of our product and deliver rich quality due to our partnership with Weaver Popcorn Hybrids which has its own in-house hybrid research and breeding program where all its seeds are developed on Weaver-managed farms.

Does Weaver Popcorn Bulk sell Organic popcorn?

Yes. We offer high expanding certified organic popcorn. It is Non-GMO, whole grain, high in fiber and gluten free. It is grown with experienced, organically certified growers throughout our growing areas and sold to snack manufacturers for their Ready-to-Eat popcorn products.

Which variety of the Weaver Popcorn Bulk items is the best popcorn?

All our popcorn is of the highest quality and sold at the lowest possible price. The popcorn that is best for you depends upon your specific needs and objectives. All our varieties serve a specific purpose.
  • Weaver Gold is best for theatres and concessions because of high number of servings per pound and less breakage.
  • Large Kernel is best for its large butterfly kernels with tender eating qualities developed for less breakage in larger scale wet or dry popping operations.
  • Caramel & Sweet is our premium mushroom variety designed especially for less breakage and uniform coverage, recommended for making kettle corn.
  • Mammoth Mushroom consistently provides large kernels and optimal yields, recommended for making caramel corn and other flavor-coated popcorn.
  • White Kernel is very tender with fewer hulls to provide exceptional eating experience
  • Organic is a high expansion kernel grown by experienced, organically certified growers.

What is "NaksPak"?

NaksPak is Pop Weaver's branded portion packs, the perfect solution for every popcorn maker, whether it's for an office break room, little league concession stands or school events. NaksPak comes ready to use — no measuring, no mess, no storage loss, no waste, no fuss. Just add the pre-measured ingredients into the kettle and let 'em pop. You get large, perfectly delicious fluffy butterfly popcorn every time  —  without much training, added inventory or quality issues. So, if you are looking for an easier way to add profit to your concessions, NaksPak is the answer.

What size containers is bulk popcorn sold at Weaver Popcorn Bulk?

We accommodate all different types of customers, both small and large. Our bulk popcorn comes in 35LB and 50LB bags as well as 2500lb totes.

Does Weaver Popcorn Bulk produce microwave popcorn products for international customers?

Yes. Please contact us for more information about microwave products available for export. We can also aid with any aspect of microwave popcorn production. Please contact us at for more information about microwave products available for export.

Does Weaver Popcorn Bulk produce Pop Weaver Microwave Popcorn sold in retail stores?

No. Pop Weaver Microwave Popcorn is produced by a different, independent operating company - Weaver Popcorn Manufacturing.


What are the benefits of being a grower for Weaver Popcorn Bulk?

There are many benefits of being a grower for Weaver Popcorn Bulk, including no risk pricing, no upfront cash for seed, and easy delivery to a Weaver facility once harvested. We are currently expanding our acres in all areas and are contracting irrigated and dry land. If you are interested in becoming a grower with us, please email us at

Does Weaver Popcorn Bulk require sustainability best practices from its growers?

Yes. Our popcorn is grown by the most progressive farmers - growers who are dedicated to farm management best practices. It starts with the soil. We are committed to the highest standards that ensure the soil where our popcorn is grown is nurtured and nourished. This includes periodic soil testing for nutrient management and field mapping to ensure fertilizer is applied at proper rates and minimal soil tillage to diminish soil erosion and compaction.

How do I become a grower for Weaver Popcorn Bulk?

You can email