Quality Popcorn is our Passion

We're dedicated to providing the best-tasting, highest quality popcorn at the lowest possible price to all our snack manufacturing customers. Our SQF Food Safety Certification from the Safe Food Quality Institute is recognized worldwide and assures our manufacturing customers that they consistently receive the highest quality popcorn.

Our partnership with Weaver Popcorn Hybrids, whose seeds are developed on Weaver-managed farms, lends an exclusive in-house hybrid research and breeding program. This further strengthens the integrity of our supply chain by ensuring IP Certified and GMO-free corn along with the genetic purity of every product that is produced. This provides complete control over the quality of our products and allows Weaver Popcorn Bulk the ability to purchase unique varieties of popcorn in order to meet the various needs of our loyal customers. We've developed kernels with the color, taste, and size characteristics that best meet the specific requirements for both air and wet pop ready-to-eat popcorn, microwave popcorn, caramel corn and many other popcorn specialties.

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