Our Growers are the World's Best

Our popcorn is grown by the most progressive farmers — dedicated growers who produce the world's highest quality popcorn on farms across seven states. We regard our network of independent growers as vital and respected partners who share our deep commitment to quality, innovation, safety and sustainability.

All Weaver Popcorn Bulk contract farmers practice good farm management, including periodic soil testing for nutrient management and crop rotation. This provides multiple benefits:

  • Helps reduce soil erosion
  • Increases soil fertility
  • Improves crop yield
  • Reduces wind erosion
  • Minimizes pest and disease pressures
  • Lessens soil compaction

Looking to expand your operation?

There are many benefits of being a grower for Weaver Popcorn Bulk

  • Flexible, NO RISK Forward Pricing
  • Ability to price 100% of crop prior to delivery in 25% increments
  • Easy Delivery
  • Delivery to a regionally located Weaver Popcorn facility
  • Freight allowance paid
  • No Up-Front Cash
  • Seed cost deducted from first payment
  • Seed cost competitively priced

We are currently expanding our acres in all areas and are contracting irrigated and dry land. If you are interested in becoming a grower with us, please email us at growers@popweaver.com.