About Us :: Pop Weaver

In 1928, Reverend Ira Weaver founded the Weaver Popcorn Company — shucking and bagging his own carefully-grown popcorn, then delivering it to his customers with the assistance of a horse-drawn wagon.

Today, Pop Weaver has become a leading brand of microwave popcorn. Ira's horse has long since been replaced by a fleet of vans, trucks and tankers, distributing our products throughout the United States and to more than 90 other countries worldwide.

Along with his son, Welcome, it was Ira Weaver who established our company's mission: to offer the world's highest-quality, best-tasting popcorn, at the lowest possible price. Four generations later, the Weaver family and all of our associates remain dedicated to Ira's mission.

It's our daily dedication to excellence that has driven us to create one of the healthiest microwave popcorns in the world, with more rich, buttery flavor than ever before.

And because we've always believed in doing what's right, we remain conscious of the environment around us, using less packaging material and ink.

We thank you for your interest in our popcorn. We hope you enjoy eating it. And, should you have any questions or comments, we encourage you to share them with us. Ira believed that no sale was complete until the customer was fully satisfied—and this, too, is a tradition we're proud to continue.